Decisions and Timelines

February is over. Face it people. And here it is, a week already since the completion of the floor and we're still mulling over the next step.

This poly has become a major decision, mostly because we realized it's going to disrupt our lives more than originally expected. Here's a minor detail I didn't think of in the beginning - I can't be in the house at all with the smell of that stuff.

Once we realized it... and then filled our oil tank with all the available monies, work came to a screeching halt. On top of that, our exterior water spout thing, (you know, that the hose attaches to?) the supposedly freeze-proof water spout thing.... well, it froze. And on Sunday we discovered it gushing water.

So the entire day was spent running to this person's house to grab our plumbing tools, that person's house to grab some fittings and other do-dads to fix it, and finally home to take care of the job and get the water back on.

And then the week started and here we are at Wednesday wondering should we or shouldn't we poly? Scratch that. We know we should. We know now's the only time. But the pain in the butt factor is really making it a hard final sell. We've never applied poly before and this is a large stretch of expensive and beautiful flooring that I would die to see ruined. We need to move out for 3-4 days. It's already March - 9 more weeks to go! The living room is full of boxes of large items just waiting to be assembled.... and more to come after this Saturday. (My shower.)

I said this last week, but if it's going to be done, it needs to be done this upcoming Sunday/Monday. So we'd need to be out Tuesday - Friday. So the decision needs to be made by Saturday. I have a feeling we're going to bite the bullet on this one.


min hus said...

Your floor isn't prefinished? If you don't poly what else would you do?

I don't know you and I'm no floor expert, but my one big regret with my house is that I didn't refinish the floors before I moved in. They aren't in horrible shape, but need updating. It's only going to be more painful if you do it later. So painful that I can't see how it's possible (because my entire first floor is wood so I'd have to move EVERYTHING. Anywho, they look beautiful!

kitrainia said...

It is pre-finished.

But we were advised to add poly once the floor had been installed to seal and waterproof all the joints. This prevents spills, muddy shoes, and other wet problems from seeping through and warping or rotting the wood from underneath. Plus it's another layer of protection for the floor's finish.

So that's the argument anyways. Thanks for the compliment. =)

alan herrell - the head lemur said...

Usr Water Based Poly like

works great doesn't stink