Congratulations - It's Teal!

This week Mike's been slowly painting away. One color one night, next color next night, and the ceiling and closet still to come. I couldn't be happier with the results. The room is so bright and fun and well... teal!

Yes, that left side wall is the lighter Sweet Rhapsody color, it's not your imagination. Lighting just makes it a little difficult to tell in this pic.

Here's the opposite side of the room, and you can more obviously see the color difference here. Lookin good!

Although I've missed painting. I seem to be the only one who can cut in sans tape. (I forced myself to learn after several tape-related disasters.) Mike had to purchase tape - nearly $9 for a roll of scotch delicate brand painting tape. $9 - highway robbery. You'd think a tape that wasn't as sticky would be cheaper than a sticky tape. Not so. I could get masking tape that would pull the drywall off the studs for $2.

That shopping trip was depressing. No coupon this time either.

And now that it's Friday, I can only imagine that Mike will paint the ceiling and closet over the weekend. Not much else we can do at this point around the house. Holidays are waaaay too close. Although the recent slippery weather reminded us that we need a temporary railing up on the porch steps... or else someone is going to slip and fall and get hurt. Most likely - me. And probably while I have my hands full with groceries too. Never fails.

I'm thinking now looking at the pics, I could go down to the deepHo and buy all those outlet covers I need. They're cheap enough. That would really help the walls look finished!