Inching forward at LUDICRIS speed...

Well, as I predicted, no french doors yet. But! Before you all navigate away from the page - let me just say that I'm ok with it. Because - we got everything ready for the doors.

Let me show you the before picture. Here is the mud room soon to be dining room:

Excuse the mess. But you can see here, this double window is where the door will go - and the current door, there on the left, will be boarded up and walled in. And here's what we accomplished yesterday:

Basically we took out all the drywall and removed some of the insulation. There was an electrical outlet under the window, which we had to move over to the left. The next step is to purchase and install the door. And at that point, we need to relocate our exterior light, doorbell, and light switches to the left of the new door.

I was bummed that we had to remove so much drywall - but it was the only way to get to all the electrical wires.

Next weekend, for sure, we are purchasing and installing the door - come what may! Because without insulation under the windows, it's freakin cold.


Rebe said...

You picked the best week to do this project. It's so warm during the day (ok, cold at night, but still, for January, you can't complain!). And those old windows don't look very friendly, if a window could look unfriendly.

Since you have prepped just about everything, putting the doors in will be a breeze! Do you have to rearrange all the furniture in the room now?

kitrainia said...

No, those windows are definitely not friendly at all! In fact, we discovered upon taking out the insulation that they were leaking. Yuck!

For sure I'll have to rearrange the furniture, but I haven't even begun to plan that out yet. I can't really visualize that room with the doors for some reason. How the doors will operate in conjunction with the laundry closet doors will be interesting too. I can't wait.

And! Oh - I just made a buncha extra money on Ebay, so I'm going to buy the $698 doors that have the slats... how can I explain... you know, those pieces of trim inside the window. Which is cool cause they'll match the rest of my windows. Anyhoo, you'll see the pics. They have that plus the blinds.