Ahhhh... know how it feels to wait forever for something, work so hard for it, and then have it all fall into place? Well, it may be early, but that's how I feel now. The house nearly ready to be lifted - access holes go all around - and the time lapse camera is setup to record it all - the whole process.

I set up the cam last night out back - would have preferred a front view, but I needed power from the garage to run everything and a place to put the VCR. It'll still be awesome!

I know I haven't gotten those pics up yet. I wasn't able to sneak away yesterday. Definately this weekend I'm going to get some shots.


Anonymous said...

We lifted our house last fall and had a real basement put in (was flagstone /dirt floor previous). My wife thinks I'm nuts 'cause I like to hang out down there "just 'cause I can". Psyched to see the time lapse and other pics. Good Luck!

kitrainia said...

Thanks! That'll probably be me. I'll just lay on the floor and marvel in the basementness of it all!